Self study course on basics of accounting and finance

Self Study Course: Fundamentals of Financial Literacy

Solidify your understanding of how money works. This course augments your ability to control your income by teaching you the basics of accounting and finance as they pertain to personal trainers.

CEU's: 0.4 NASM, 4.0 AFAA. 

Not qualified for NESTA, ISSA, or ACE

Additional Information

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the 3 forms of income and their tax implications
  • Understand the 4 roles all personal trainers can be in their careers
  • Understand the 4 financial statements pertaining to personal training careers
  • Learn how to manage gross revenue and costs of goods sold to optimize net revenue


  • Step 1. Purchase your copy of “For the Fit but Poor Personal Trainer". Available on Amazon in paperback, ebook, and audio formats. Purchase your copy here
  • Step 2. Complete your exam. Exam registration available below. 


  • 30 questions
  • 90 minute time limit
  • Open book
  • 3 attempts
  • 70% passing grade
  • Certificate of completion available for download after successful attempt
  • NASM provider number: 12751
  • AFAA provider number: 12752


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