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Enhance your literary skills with one on one coaching

One-on-one coaching

Let's take where you are now in your education, and work together. In our one-on-one coaching sessions, you and I will design a plan to elevate your financial literacy.  

We start with a complementary 30-minute consultation to discuss your SMART goals. Just like a personal training program, the plan we design together is a partnership. There is much to learn when balancing life with a fitness career.


  • Single session, 60 minutes - $175
  • The EPOC package - 4 sessions, 60 minutes each - $500 - a savings of $200. Best value.

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All goals ought to be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time Bound.)  Moreover, they are unique to you. Contact me and let's talk about what SMART goals inspire you. My coaching program will provide you the support you need to achieve those.

EPOC Package

In personal training, EPOC refers to excessive post-exercise oxygen consumption. When the body uses more oxygen after exercise than before, the body burns more calories. It's often called the "after burn effect." The client experiences the benefits of exercise well beyond the end of the training session.

In my services, EPOC refers to the program design where the client continues to experience educational benefit well after our in-depth sessions have completed.


EPOC Package Topics

Session 1: Employment


- How to build a fitness resume

- What are the most valuable certifications

- What are possible employment opportunities

- How to network and leverage social media

Session 2: Pathway


- How to generate multiple sources of income

- What type of business model

- What is asset protection

- What are the financial and legal obligations

Session 3: operations


- How to create a sustainable, profitable business

- What do financial statements mean

- How to balance life and work

- How to prepare for economic changes

Session 4: Capital


- How to understand asset classes

- How to understand the net worth statement

- How to create a wealth portfolio

- How to speak confidently about money