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One-on-one coaching

Let's take where you are now in your education, and work together. In our one-on-one coaching sessions, you and I will design a plan to elevate your financial literacy.  


  • Single session, 60 minutes - $175
  • The EPOC package - 4 sessions, 60 minutes each - $595


EPOC Package

In personal training, EPOC refers to excessive post-exercise oxygen consumption, a.k.a. "the after burn effect." When the body uses more oxygen after exercise than before, the body burns more calories. The client experiences the benefits of exercise well beyond the end of the training session.

In my services, EPOC refers to the program design where you continue to experience educational benefit well after our in-depth sessions have completed.


EPOC Package Topics

Session 1: Employment

Session 1: Employment

Session 1: Employment


- How to build a fitness resume

- What are the most valuable certifications

- What are possible employment opportunities

Session 2: Pathway

Session 1: Employment

Session 1: Employment


- How to generate multiple sources of income

- What type of business model

- What is asset protection

Session 3: operations

Session 3: operations

Session 3: operations


- How to create a sustainable, profitable business

- What do financial statements mean

- How to balance life and work

Session 4: Capital

Session 3: operations

Session 3: operations


- How to understand asset classes

- How to understand the net worth statement

- How to speak confidently about money


EPOC Package

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Terms and conditions are reviewed during consultation.

Package is paid in full. Purchase is nonrefundable and non-transferable. Strict 24-hour cancellation policy is to be enforced. Cancellations within a 24-hour period of the scheduled session will be charged the full amount. Missed sessions will not be credited.