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Podcast Interviews

Inquiries for interviews are to be made via the Contact page. Podcast one sheet is available below.

Dr. D's Social Network


I sit down with Dr. Darian Parker,

Co-Owner of Epic Leisure Management and Host of Dr. D's Social Network Podcast to discuss my book. We share our decades worth of experiences in fitness.

Fitness Candor Podcast


Eric Feigl, owner of  Eric Feigl Personal Training in Cincinnati, OH, and Ohio President of the American Society of Exercise Physiologists, and I discussed how personal trainers need to understand finance.

Locally sourced Joey


Multimedia entrepreneur Joey Held brings in creators to share their stories. Guests educate, entertain, and improve the lives of listeners. We talk about my journey.

Asians Redefining Their Success


Career and business coach Yunzhe Zhou and I talk about the Asian American entrepreneur experience, and the mindset to push through. Topics include business, culture, and success.

The Curious Leader Podcast


Senior financial analysts Jesse Chan and I explore who in the world does a fitness enthusiast segues into being a financial literacy advocate. It can't be just mere curiosity, can it?

Blaze Your Own Trail


Personal branding strategist and Portland Trailblazer fan Jordan Mendoza interviews guests who found success by venturing on their own. I share how I went from tech to fitness.



Award-winning publisher and brand expert Priya Florence Shah and I discussed how my journey from tech and business to physical fitness formed my brand. 

Lee After Dark


Lee Rowley's guests are allowed to talk about anything but their businesses. If they can do it for 20 minutes, they're awarded 5 minutes to make their sales pitch. Challenge accepted. (Adult content)

The Market and the Good


Chief Commercialization Officer Chris Grassman invites one entrepreneur to share how their business is making the world a better place. 5 minutes of instant inspiration.

Passion business podcast


Based in Spain, business coach Anke Herrmann brings in guests from around the world to inspire, empower, and support listeners who too have big visions. 

Fitness Career Mastery


International master trainer and educator Barry Ennis asks me what listeners need to know about financial literacy and money. We go in depth with the 4 roles, and 3 forms of income ever trainer should know.

Wealth Junkies


I share my story with investor Brandon Dukeman's of CEO Capital Partners. I tell young entrepreneurs what it takes to make it in the fitness industry.

Tips with Te


 Te’Aira Melvin, CEO of M&J Financial Management, and I educate small business owners on the ins and outs of entrepreneurship.

Young Healthy and Wealthy


Chase HenderFit interviews successful business owners in this podcast dedicated to aspiring entrepreneurs. We answer the question: What does it really take? 

Beer Talk Radio


Successful entrepreneur Jennifer Heathers-Eon and I discuss the business sides of her industry (craft beer) and my industry (fitness). 

Success Quest


Entrepreneurs Jacob Harmon and Kalob Valle interviews guests about their definitions of success. 

Build Live Give


Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, business coach and mentor Paul Higgins interviews guests about their contributions to the greater good.

Get Heard


 Active duty army officer Ian Roth and guests discuss the myriad of ways of getting their voices heard.

The Creator's Podcast


Marketing entrepreneur Jess Hood invites trend-setting entrepreneurs to discuss others can pave their own ways.

The Overcoming Odds Podcast


Things get real with host Oleg Lougheed as have an intimate conversation of what makes us human.