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Author and Educator


I'm the CEO of Coach Nelly Toriano, a financial education company dedicated to personal trainers. I'm the author of "For the Fit but Poor Personal Trainer: A Guide on How to Make Money - Not Muscle - Grow."

I'm a certified personal trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine. I also have my Masters in Business Administration from California State University, East Bay, and the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Certificate from Stanford University.



While I spent 10 years working in the tech industry, my side hustle was teaching group exercise classes and training clients. After soul searching, it became apparent my passion was fitness. In 2012, I switched and pursued fitness full time. The pay differential is drastic. Moreover, many trainers burn out in as little as the first year. 

After getting to know the plight of many colleagues, it was apparent the reason many trainers are financially struggling isn't because of a lack of clients. Rather, it's a lack of financial education - specifically what to do with the sales revenue after it has been made. The typical educational path is for a personal trainer is 1) the sciences and 2) sales to obtain revenue. There is few, if any, resources that explain what happens next.



Coach Nelly Toriano was created to be a resource for personal trainers to supplement the available resources on sales and marketing.

My debut book goes into detail taxes, inflation, and costs of goods sold. Most importantly, these complicated concepts are explained in fitness language. That way, the translation makes the important topic approachable and comprehensible. 

You will find me mostly on LinkedIn, networking with other entrepreneurs, educators, and students. My calling is combining business, fitness, and education. You will also find me presenting via podcasts and in-person lectures.